2006 C Scow Midwinter's - Pat & Doug in MO61
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06 Sep 2023

Click here to see the article on SYC on the front page of the September 6, 2023 edition of the Topeka Capital-Journal. And there's more in-depth here on cjonline.

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18 Jul 2023

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  • 10/22, Last Sun Lessons & Group Sailing, 2:30pm-5:30pm, SYC
  • 10/28, Fall Work Party, 11:00 am, SYC
Mark's Racing Blog
Winds Today
Winds today were more normal. Not a drifter and not 79MPH. But they were shifty and gusty. Direction varied from the southwest to northwest and velocity from maybe 7 to about 20. The first race sailed to the SW had a very shifty puffy start. I crossed the line in fourth out of five boats. The shifts and puffs kept you guessing which tack to be on. By doing nothing I rounded the windward mark second behind Tony. I challenged a few times but couldn't get by. The second race, sailed to the NW had me in the lead until I turned over. I caught Tony and Chuck at the down wind mark in a big puff. Jibing wide, I crossed inside of them (they were too close to the mark before they jibed) to take the lead. I finished first but had touched the flag so give me a third. The last race had me in the lead until Tony blew by on the downwind. Going upwind, I thought I might be able to force him way past the lay line and beat him back to the finish. But it wasn't to be as Tony was able to tack and cross and lead to the finish. Maybe if I had tacked back sooner? Lots of close racing. Shift picking on the beat and puff chasing on the runs, overlapped mark roundings and side by side finishes. Many thanks to Mike Gorman and that cute babe he brought along as race committee.