Wynn Fazel - SYC's 'Ancient Mariner' - 1940s
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Steve Paige

Steve lost his battle with ALS on August 29, 2022.  He loved sailboats and racing!  I can’t tell you how many times I heard the fun stories and great memories from the Yacht Club.  Below is his obituary, please share it with anyone that knew him.


Jackie Montfoort Paige

SYC Facility Upgrade Plans

The last time we provided any sort of official status on this was in late 2020. So it's time for an update.

In summary, that previous plan has been abandoned and we're currently working with Parks and Rec on improving the current boatyard drainage and surface, fencing in the boatyard, adding a gate at the top of the access road to be closed only during SYC events, increasing dock space, and restoring electricity, lighting and water to the area. So far, some cost estimates have been received. Parks and Rec and SYC would share in covering those costs, but that has yet to be completely negotiated. You can read more detail here.

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Coming Events

Lessons & Group Sailing
Sundays, 2:00pm-5:30pm

  • 10/8, Full Moon Social, 5:30pm-10:00pm, SYC
  • 10/23, Last Sun Lessons & Group Sailing, 2:30pm-5:30pm, SYC
  • 10/28, Last Friday Social, 5:30pm-7:30pm, TBD
  • 10/29, Work Party, 1:00 pm, SYC
Mark's Racing Blog
Average Wind Velocity
I've figured out how Kansas gets its average wind of 12 MPH. It either blows 0 or it blows 24, average 12 MPH. According to the wuderground.com wind stats, the velocity at 3 PM was 18 gusting to 26. Before the start of the 1st race Brian Turnbull capsized. (Remember, he is the one who turtled last week.) His comment today was that the boats right much quicker if you can stand on the bottom board. About one minute before the start, Joe Santos capsized his 420 nearly on the starting line. Fortunately, he drifted clear. Unfortunately he flip-flopped it 3 times before his crew figured out to hang on the low side as it righted so it wouldn't flip the other way again. It was a time consuming lesson for Joe and he missed the first race. Tony and his crew Zach were off like a shot with Mark close behind. The extra weight really helped Tony. Mark happened to be on the right side when a shift came thru, letting him round first. Tony then stuck his boom in the water trying to jibe. Nice save, Tony! But the race was then out of his reach.

For the second race Brian and Andrew Meyer wisely headed to the dock. Tony and Mark both started well however the extra weight let Tony pull away easily. Mark needed an excuse to loose so he "let" his boat blow over. It was one of those slow speed deals where the boat just shudders to a stop in the puff, turns sideways and then just blows over, even with the sail completely out. Mark couldn't get his feet out of the straps and had a moment when he thought he was going head first into the sail, but it didn't happen. The race was over with Tony and Joe disappearing over the horizon.

Enough was enough and we were ready to call it a day.

Once again Don and Adeline Towle and assorted relatives were our race committee. Thanks guys