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Sep 21, 2016

75th Anniversary Reunion
The reunion event for all current and former members on September 17th, by all accounts, was a BIG hit. We probably had close to 100 -- many of the old-timers. It was a beautiful day. A gentle breeze allowed some of the rusty sailors to get out in the boats. And all enjoyed reminiscing with old friends about their days sailing on Lake Shawnee. 

75 Years of Sailing on Lake Shawnee
To commemorate SYC's 75th anniversary, the website is featuring SYC historical photos. Those from the 70's and 80's are by Berne Ketchum, Dave Johnson, Thad Allton (and maybe a couple of others). The earlier photos were retrieved from Kansas State Historical Society archives, thanks to Brent Nothern.

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Apr 05, 2016

Cold water survival

This is a good time of year to bring the 1 - 10 - 1 rule for cold water survival front and center again.

"It is impossible to get hypothermic in cold water unless you are wearing flotation, because without flotation – you won't live long enough to become hypothermic."

The rule
* 1 minute to get panic and breathing under control
* 10 minutes of physical ability to save yourself
* 1 hour of consciousness left

and that is with a life jacket on. It is a good rule to remember. Here is a good video by the USCG Auxiliary

Cold water Boot Camp: The 1 - 10- 1 rule 

According to the experts, 40% of the cold water drownings occur within 6 feet of a dock or boat. 

The guy I found yesterday was only a few yards from the SYC main dock and probably would still be alive if he has been wearing a life jacket. 

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